Phase 2 Offically Opened 2010

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In early 2010 Social Development Minister Margaret Ritchie officially  opened a major extension (Phase II) creating nine additional units at Bluestone Business Park in Craigavon.
This major expansion was undertaken by Brownlow Limited. The new business units helped cultivate entrepreneurship and encourage development of small businesses within Craigavon.

Mrs Ritchie said, “The development and growth of the small business and social economy sector is one of the main contributors to an economically prosperous and socially stable future. I welcome this further development of an already successful business park which will provide more opportunities for both fledgling and established business in the area and help secure Brownlow Limited’s long term viability.
I would like to congratulate all involved in this project, particularly the Brownlow Neighbourhood Partnership”. This £829,000 extension is part of a major programme of projects which has been funded through the Neighbourhood Renewal Investment Fund over the last three years, representing an overall investment of over £3 million in the area and will enable the continued economic development of Brownlow.

The social development minister paid tribute to the Brownlow Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership for their support. “This funding will help create employment opportunities within the Brownlow Neighbourhood Renewal Area and will make a significant contribution to the economic regeneration of this area,” she explained.

Chair of Brownlow Limited, Dian Heaney, said, “Brownlow Limited is a classic example of how a local community can gather together to triumph over hardship. The Business Park provides a comprehensive range of facilities from premises to business advice for small businesses in the area”

Welcoming the investment Adrian Ballentine added “the new phase represents a significant increase in the scale and scope of the business park and the facilities.

This infrastructure is about putting in place for local people a 21st century platform in the shape of high quality fit for purpose workspace where they can establish, operate from and develop commercial enterprises which will generate important local wealth for the Brownlow community”.