Phase 3 Under Construction at Bluestone Business Park

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Phase 3 Progresses in 2015

Brownlow Limited is at an advanced stage of construction to develop eight further new light industrial units to add to it’s existing stock located within Bluestone Business Park. These units will also be targeted at both creating new businesses and augmenting existing job opportunities and services within the Brownlow sector.

The proposed new units will be built in two blocks of four units, at (4 x 1000 sq ft per units and 4 x 500 sq ft units), resulting in 6,000 sq ft of additional space. All but three of the units will have open yards of assorted sizes attached to them. Brownlow Ltd is confident that additional high quality work space will attract local entrepreneurs and recently formed locally based small businesses to create and/ or further develop commercial enterprises in the Brownlow area.

The project plans to work with local entrepreneurs and seeks to further cultivate entrepreneurship and encourage and assist the formation and development of small businesses and increase activity levels within the area of Brownlow.

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